Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bike Commuting

We are on the one car experiment. And I am getting more and more conscious of how much junk and pollution we throw or belch (via our autos) into the air.

The abusurdity of North America and autos, the Cash for Clunkers in the US the largest majority of trade-ins were Ford F-150 FOR... Ford F-150's for the total savings of 1 m.p.g. I have a 2003 GMC Pick-up which pulls my work trailer, would love to have a more economical Sprinter Van. That aside, the 2003 Pick-up is smaller than than the new GMC pickups by about 4" and a good 10" smaller than the new F-150's I'm comparing 2WD's only. The 4WD's are considerably larger. Why? Up here in Canada everyone's so politically correct sounding, BULL Canadians are just as Red Neck, prejudice and wanting to be Macho as Americas... NOW don't get me started on SUV's They are ABSURD! and the largest majority of the drivers DO NOT know how to drive such a large vehicle.

OK... Onto bike commuting. I logged in 50 kms. this week commuting, most trips 5 kms or less one way (all destination stops). I saw, and I've got to find the research or I'm going to do the math, that everytime you start your car it costs $35-$50 then add the fuel, and at 5 kms city driving, and I hit all the lights red, fuel economy is low. Math says I saved myself $350, not immediate savings as part of that calculaion is tire wear, oil, etc. Plus immediately about $10 in fuel. I'm spending this winter about $35 to re-cable the old red commuter, and looking into getting a trailer to get groceries and other consumables... What about showing up at a customers house ready to trim the house with a chop-saw on the back of a bike? I don't think the guide-rails would fit, but other tools would... Hmm...

I think I may find an alley here in Brantford, have a cameraman walk right in front of me while I rant waving my hands right in front of the camera and make Dramatic sharp turns...
The write a book titled "A Book, about stuff" NOT that I would be copying anyone in particular...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wayyy behind in posting

I'm way behind in posting, I raced Cross this fall, and that kept me busy. But The off-season's coming. Cyclo-CORE has new Spin Classes and The Sufferfest is HD this year.