Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making time

Work has been crazy busy (which is a VERY good thing), the last couple of years has been a hit and miss. But all of the sudden I am in demand. Lots of nice trim work, a real nice laundry room and washrooms and more trim work...

I've worked several Saturday's just to keep up, I have CAD drawings to do, and my project manager adventures start next week and I will be bouncing all over the USA and France... Looks good.

With all of that I've not been on my bike since the end of January, and the off-season is almost over... and I'm missing a REAL good base, and am a bit overweight. So, yesterday I got on the rollers in the afternoon and hit it pretty hard on "sweet spot" intervals, 60 minutes total, that would be three 20 minute intervals with warm-ups and recovery with a total of 1 hour 30 minutes. I have been using Trainer Road to track my off-season training and giving me a heads up display on my laptop. I am using "virtual power" which I'm pretty sure the numbers are not any where correct for "real power" but I can see how much more efficient power training is, by watching the numbers (because to me it's just a number that tells me where I should be). This does not mean that I can or will be able to afford a Power Tap or other device for on the road training as they are just TOO much money.

So I keep my pain chamber warm and hopefully I will visit two times more before I start galavanting around the USA next Sunday.