Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July in New York

It's been a busy time here, first was getting in work with an injured worker, and I made up for his not being able to work.

On Wednesday the 3rd after work I figured I better stretch out my legs, and I headed over to Prospect Park, I got in a few laps then I could feel that it was going to rain, and I got soaked coming home...

Then came July 4th a day off. I was going to meet with some of my Brooklyn crew but I slept till 10:30... Ugh, Oh well still good day for a ride. I headed over the Brooklyn Bridge and over to George Washington Bridge up 9w. I rode up to Nyack and stopped for coffee where I met "Joe" from Jersey City who is a R.N. and uses cycling to unwind after work, and rode back to Washington Bridge with him, the Bike path on the bridge was closed to had to cyclocross stairs in road shoes and I meandered back through the city as the West greeway was closed.

Then that night I went over to the west side and watched the fireworks..

And here I met Ali who is visiting NYC for a couple of months and we got our photo in front of the Empire State building lit up in Blue,White and Red for Bastille day...Oops someone did not pay attention in history class... France is Blue white and red, USA is Red, White and blue... Viewed TOP DOWN!

Then back to work on Friday to finish the store in Brooklyn and on Saturday my daughter Céline came to town, and we Citi-Biked on Saturday all over town and then on Sunday we Sub-Wayed and walked all over town as she took photos of everything... Later in the week she dissed me in the street for looking to touristy. 

I then had her working in Long Island with me, and the following weekend Heather joined us and we went through the city again seeing all the sights. 
All this work, touristing and with Céline I've only gotten one ride in so far and it seemed to be mostly in rush hour traffic... I have another ride planed I was hoping to get it in tonight but Céline was tired and I needed to get her supper... so I hope Thursday.
Till then take care all.