Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rest day of cycling

Today was a full work-day and just when you think you have a system down you get to a point where all the rules are new and different but Craig and I pushed through and finished and won!

Tonight it was raining when we got home so we had a nice supper and a good little debate on how to train. We're in a little town called Sainghin-en-MĂ©lantois and or cottage is quite sufficient for three guys. Every night we take turns cooking a good meal even after a good bike ride.

Finally the carpenter David lives in Arenberg has invited us to his house on April 10th for some beers and to watch a little bike ride that goes through his town. I think we just might take him up on his offer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday March 29

Today was working around the store fixing all the lighting. We then went for a bike ride... Oh surprise! On our ride it was decided to go out and do a loop... with no further planing. On our ride we went across the Belgium boarder and seeing an old WW2 bunker at the border as the only marker, which was along a road that they tried to pave the old cobbles... it does not work. We wove through several old towns, all agrarian in nature. Cyclists of all sorts out, people out walking beautiful country side. Alas we headed home to find out the boulangerie's closed on Tuesday and so we did not get our fresh baguette for tonight's dinner... I know all who read this will feel our sorrow. Life's rough and one must press on without... Oh the horror!

Tomorrow's more work and it looks like rain so a bit nicer meal and a trip to Decathalon the sporting goods store for bike bits... and of course the boulangerie's open and we can have our fresh baguette, whew...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Races

This was Sunday no work and no real stress. We slept in a bit, had a good breakfast and then drove over to a friend's of Robert's who is a pro cyclist on Steve Bauer has started. Lots of good cyclist on that team up and coming pro's who's names will be heard in the future.

Then we came back dawned our cycling kits, we both without knowing have our Paris 1880 team kits so we look like totally cool. We drove to the other side of Lille parked and rode in to Belgium to watch the Gent-Wevelgem race, our plan was to "jump" the loop but we got out of the house a little late so we rode to the Kammelberg climb and watch from the bottom the riders. After Cavendish went by we hopped on our bikes and rode to another point on the race then we ascended up the backside of the Kammelberg and the final bit was a 22% cobbled climb and we watched the pros and the took the second lap. After this we rode out and around for about an hour then came back and rode the Kammelberg ourselves, beer tent patrons were there to cheer us on, almost like we were in the race... At last we then descended the hill and rode back to the car. With some computer problems turning off during the ride we guess we got about a 3 hour ride in.

To night we drove into Lille's one of two train stations and picked up Craig and are ready for work tomorrow.

In France Now

We have arrived! Yesterday was getting into our home, unpacking buying groceries getting the bikes put together, eating and sleep (I did not sleep a wink on the plane).

The store in France had an AMAZING produce section, I think I spent 45 minutes looking a food, picking produce, and Robert's not a picky eater so we're going to eat some fun food here. The beer aisle is HUGE! and some of the designer beers! And not to much Euro's. The wine aisle is twice a big and cheep!

Today was daylight savings and we were able to sleep in. Out in this little village there's a rooster crowing, I did not hear that wake up call I had to get the David its time to get up. We just have to deliver a laptop to a cycling friend and then we'll have to ride some 100 kms to go watch a pro bike race in Belgium.

The only current problem we have is our internet, we are the first people staying the cottage and the internet connection is poor... this week we will be up to speed on that, and the back deck will get built and the mud will be landscaped.

I will have to post photos when we get a faster connection to the web.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bike Packing

One day and counting. My friend Rob has gratefully loaned me his bike box and we packed it at his house last night. I've opened it to take a photo for my blog and my lacking memory so it can make it home packed the same way. And as I'm packing Miss Eli Mai had to approve of the bike box.

Even keeping it all to a minimum cycling stuff takes up a lot of space and since its early spring I've got a few extra's that I would not normally need. Jackets, long-sleeve jersey, under shirts, knee warmers, booties... the list goes on, one whole extra bag! My shoes had to go into the bike box instead of the suite case. To top it all off I've got big ol' 35mm tires to handle the Pavé through the Arenberg Forest, whew! Summer road riding easier... I'd hate to have to pack a mountain bike.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Group Ride of the Year

We all got out for a ride, I left early with a couple at 9:00 and got in a good 89 kms. We all rode pretty good and hard it felt good.

Next week I'm off to Lille, France to work, watch the spring classics and ride my bike with my friends. I will be using the Blog to journal the trip and I will have photos to make it more fun to read.