Sunday, June 14, 2009

I like being Chunky

Last year in Cyclo-Club Josh introduced Chunk Riding (I think it was alos mentioned on a CD in SPEED when, but I don't recall that one as well), I put the idea on the back burner as I had some pretty short times to train. This summer, I'm less busy, and when the weather's warm (not too often so far) I want to spend a little longer on the bike.

So Tuesday night I knew I wanted to do something w/ hills and my favorite hill interval takes 30 minutes drive to get to (which cuts into riding time). So I picked a ride with a lot of rollers, now I should mention I tried a shorter version the Tuesday before but I was way too tired from work and I was not dressed warm enough, so this week I made sure I had my leg mojo on (Sports Blam) so I would not wimp out. I took a nice long warm-up to get to the really good rollers, and did 3x 10' z4 rollers (10'); then rode through a couple of the nice little towns in Southern Ontario, and got headed in the direction of home, and did one big massive flatish road 20' z4 interval, and then cooled down for 25' on the way home. So I had an 80 km ride that was very enjoyable and was a fantastic workout.

NOW I do wish I could sound like a Cyclo-CLUB fanatic and tell you all that I did COOL in 5' when I got home, but "My Bad." I did do my SPEED AB work out and BREATH on Wednesday a.m.

Saturday's group ride I rode a few Massive effort chunks and made everyone wounder what the heck I was on.

SO, I'm training a little less structured this summer than the past two but I'm defiantly stronger, never mind add in the new (to me) bike and not many people can keep up with me... Oh I love going FAST!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Road Bike

With this year not working too well as far as getting work, I bartered for a very nice 3 year-old bike. I like it a lot. I wanted to race some more but that's money spent on entry fees and on travel, the closer races I could do are just a little boring, a 17 lap "road-Crit" I did crits when I was twenty, I won Crits then, I want longer loops, some kind of strategy. Not offered in Southern Ontario w/o travel and over nighters. May be next year.

The bike... a Specialzed Tarmac S-works. It's sweet w/ 404 Zipps. I plan on a pair of Nuvations when work picks up once again. It helps me beat the snot out of my friends. (along with a few hill intervals, CORE work, and staying on FUEL!)