Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not so Good things

Today we rode HARD. This was one of those rides which is almost harder than a race. On our last 10 kms of 120 kms Greg touched my wheel... rode for he thinks about 2 m trying to get straight then went down hard, and broke his clavicle, and trashed his knees (they look bad). This took place doing between 45-50 kms/hr so it was that kind of hard. One nice thing about breaking my clavicle in a Cross race is the grass stains washed out of my jersey...

The next bad thing is the guy behind him went down too, and thought all he got was a red mark on his leg from the wheel, tonight his wrist is swollen. They were both in a pile when we turned around. Its one thing to see the pro's go down but when its in real life and your buddies its not good.

Today could have been one of those days you talk about for a week feeling good about yourself, now its "The Ride" where Greg has been installed into the "I broke my clavicle while riding club".

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 17th Race

I've been busy with work and even a bit of training. Next week is the Niagara classic, with the dreaded Effingham hill. My race is 6 laps for a total of some 75 kms. I've been training like a mad man, I'll save the total details but z4 Hill repeats have been one biggie. I've included what I think is from Map my Ride elevation from the race PDF, and from my Polar "the Hill" itself. Last Saturday I was able to pull away from everyone... several guys were out preriding the course. I will have a race report next week. I might even get photos of my bike in there too.