Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recovery Week

You know it's time to recover when...
This time it was a long even "roller" and my friends Greg and Robert took off on me and I could not stay with them my legs felt like I was climbing one of the steeper climbs around here with a heart rate of 170+ But my heart rate was only 156. That was Thursday.

Saturday's ride with the boys was an even recovery ride over flat roads for about 90 kms. It felt good, and today I did a real easy 40 km ride with my bike computer acting up... Oh big time love hate with technology!

On another note I've been using Logos Bible Software to do my morning quite-time. I started to use it when in France because I only packed the computer and did not pack my Bible (big and bulky).

It has drivers on the computer but the studies are cloud or synced via a cloud, so whatever computer I'm on I can get my marked versus and notes. I does tons more stuff, but I got it loaded and just now really started to make use of it. We shall see where it takes me.