Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Ready for the next Race

I began Monday a.m. Cyclo-ZEN 30' Recovery Yoga to get the stiffness out of the Paris to Ancaster mud, and final 2.5km feared "climb".

Tuesday morning I started the day with SPEED-Ab Blaster (I always do this at least once a week) and as the day cleared I tossed out my trainer ride and did 4x z4 Sydenham Hill (8'). Whew.

Thursday a.m. I began the day with 3x ZEN 8' Power Routine, and finished off the morning with IN 5' Loose. Then in the evening I was going to do SPIN class #7 that night but it was warm and nice and I fired up the BBQ and had Steak, potatoes, green Beans and a BEER (YUMMY)

Friday Morning I knew I wanted that SPIN Class #7 under my belt and did it. NOW so far this week I've not felt tired and have slept well and recovered well.

So Saturday morning was planned a group ride and these tend to be "moderate" Phtt. not this morning, the weather was warm (first day w/o arm warmers, wooly booly's, beanie or anything else to keep me warm. But the WIND. I pounded the peddles... we lost two, and on the way back with a tail wind my friend had to have me give a 5' breather so everyone could recover... I came home and realized I was tired! I did a myofacial release that night and this morning I still woke up stiff and did my ZEN 30' Recovery Yoga. Tomorrow's off the bike, just abs work, then on again Tuesday!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Paris to Ancaster

We had a COLD & WINDY ride. I had on three layers on top and my leg mojo to keep them warm. I ended up getting bumped back 20 (121/1315) places from last year overall, and then remained the same place in my age group which is 33/361. With that I did finish with or ahead of my fellwo M2 category crossers and rodies. Lots of new young bucks I guess. I love cross but I sure rode the mud sections poorly. That being said, I had not ridden off-road since my broken collar bone last fall, and I did not set up the bike for riding the race till Thursday night.

My good training buddy Greg is just behind me there in the blue. We converted his road bike to handle the course, he ended up getting stuck in the mud toward the end; but I think I've convinced him that he should get a cross bike and possibly do some racing this year.

Well, a friend sent me a connection to a video of the 2008 P2A at the Powerline mudslide, I'm at 3:23. It was muddier this year and I had a nice little endo going down.

BTW this morning started off with Cyclo-ZEN 30' Recovery Yoga so I could get some of that stiffness out of my body.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am Specalized

Last weekend I bought a used '06 S-Works Tarmac (photos to follow), and I raced it in the Good Friday Road Race. My first road race in 23 years, out of 78 riders, I was chasing the 3 in the break in the main pack, I ended up letting myself get boxed in and finished 21 st, 1 min behind the break. I'm ready for more road racing, only one per month, too much time and effort otherwise.

Work is going well, and I've been busy so the blog suffers. I'm hoping for race photos to show up somewhere, lots of people were taking picks, otherwise I'll just post a bike photo.