Monday, October 27, 2008

Take Five

OK, I got up this morning, which is part of the battle of getting a morning routine back again.
Had my coffee, sat with the dogs then fed them. Then to my workout.
Core In 5'
Back In 5'
Lungs In 5'
I find the Lungs in 5' hard to follow, both in Graeme's direction and the fact I don't look a the screen. I know the Cyclo-BREATH workout and should just do it... Tomorrow I'm thinking that it might be a good thing to get one last Cyclo-CLIMB in before the "official" Off Season.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Power testing and Yoga

Well, the ZEN Recovery is good, though I can't do the down dog to up dog "swoop" or Kate's optional push up. The "T" Stand on the right I can get to if I don't roll onto it.

So I'm healing and getting myself in shape to start my Off Season, so I think that this blog should have been changed the road from Cross "break" to the off season. Not being a blogger I would not mind some input on ins and outs.

On Power reading. I went over to my friends house to try and get a power "base-line" but my polar heart rate monitor was not recommended for use with his fancy Trax? unit. We did not know why so we proceeded... I got to 46o and the heartrate was all over the map while my polar watch read that I was doing just fine and even, well then it jumped to 218 and the Trax locked up a fail safe shutdown divice. Both Bad and Good... My friend had not made it to 400 yet so he is going to re program the unit for 3 minute intervals, set the machine to 560 and wash his chest strap.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Floor exersizes

Well, I got up this morning! Oh, get out of the habit and it does not come back easy. I also think my body has spent a lot of engergy getting everything healed up, I can feel it on the bike.

Any how. I knew I needed to get back to my core, back and stretching, so I reviewed all of the workouts in my library and it seemed that the Zen fix the back set was the best. I watched and in my mind I said oh that might hurt so if it does I'll sit it out. The actual work out, I started and the crunches hurt the ribs the first couple then it was fine, nothing hurt... TILL the stretching, my neck is so stiff, I did not realize how stiff it has gotten. And what really hurt, was the Ball slump... my broken ribs get compressed, and the clavicle gets bent forward. OUCH! I stayed in the position though because I could feel my upper back stretching, and that has been so sore over the last month.

Now that I know what I can do, tonight is a sleep over for my daughters birthday and then all the girls plus others are going to see HSM3 at 9:00am (my ride time). So I'm getting up early and I'm going to see if Kate and her recovery Yoga hurts. I hope not as I need to get my flexibility better after a month away from floor workouts. Then in the afternoon my ride buddy and I are going out for a short ride.

Now that I have and idea of what I can do, I'm going to make a training plan for next week. I learned a long time ago, even before Graeme's first DVD in 2004, that if I don't have a training plan I don't do much of any ting.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Updates

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and very busy so I had no updates.
Last weekend I rode 80 kms with my friends on Saturday and felt well. Back hurt but each ride I've learned how to relax a little bit more. The sad part was a few of us are still in great shape and the crew is not in very good shape and there was an explosion of cursing. I get exempt because I have spend a lot of time pulling the people who pop off the back back on.
My friend who got the brunt of it (I was beside him and nothing was said to me), he's not been the most popular because he showed up in great shape. Something that's not popular in the group.
Any how He and I went out on Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving) and I still notice a lack of power from my shoulder and we went up the escarpment and I was way back, I'm usually infront, beside or just behind...
This weekend was the Ride for Refugees, and I was the "pro" of the group, I rode 100kms, left 1/2 hr after most started and passed them all and my average for the ride was z2 @ 30km/hr for 100.2 Kms. It was a great ride but I was tired afterward, and it dawned on me why...

In August I begin cutting back millage and increase intensity for CycloCross. This means a good effort on a 100kms ride with broken clavical, and two broken ribs is a fair bit of work.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Ride

Well with the days getting short, it was a beautiful day and I was home early from work. I went out for 40kms with my friend and other than I'm missing some strength I felt fine a bit of back pain but that went away after about 15-30 minutes off the bike. Saturday is the longer ride and I'm going with the group which I've ridden off the front all summer but for a longer ride I just want to be able to sit in if I become very uncomfortable.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out on the road

OH boy, I got out for 1-1/2 hours. I felt good but hurt breathing going over z3. I spent most of the ride in z2 as I just wanted to ride and it's quite cool out.

EDIT NOTE: I went to answer the phone and my pectoral spazzed out. I don't know if it was a result of the ride or not but 12 hours later and it still hurts. My back was very sore after the ride, which I expected, but after resting overnight it's fine. I sure would like to get some stretching done, some of the positions are a little awkward, and I'm not sure what's good and not good, I'm getting frustrated that I can't get into see the doctor two weeks down the road.

I'll be doing more this weekend, but I notice my back is sore from I believe compensation for the broken clavicle.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back on Bike

OK I got on the trainer today for 45 minutes... (20' w/up z2, BG z3 standing POWER, cool z1) which is good broken collar bone or not! I think I'm going to try Cyclo-Climb a couple of times this week... I'm kind of making up the Transition training plan as my left ribs don't hurt this week but my right side is still pretty sore and the Cyclo-BREATH hurts a bit... I'm not sure about ab work yet either

I did find out my road bike tires were worn out, and it was creaking so the Bike shop is going to give it a good once over as I've been slamming it hard this summer.

With days being short and my current kitchen 45 minutes away, I'm going to do indoor this week and go riding with the "crew" on Saturday on my repaired road bike.