Friday, August 14, 2009

Tegaderm and Funny Video

Well, the plain old Manila Tegaderm patch was quite nice, on the road rash on my shoulder and hip, they sat there for the allotted seven days, rather than a new bandage every day. It kept the "goo" from soaking through my cloths, I had a "window" to look at the wound and see that it was healing well AND it's a lot more cost effective! Learn something new every day... If it was bad, I would have gone with the fancier pads.

Just a reminder when your in the slumps, or trying to get in something before the hectic day starts Greame's Cyclo-IN-5' series are the ideal... Just ended up doing a mix of 4 this morning hitting some specifically needed area's as Cross Season is JUST ONE MONTH AWAY. I've got to get on my cross bike YIKES!

Here is a YouTube Video that will help your Performance! It's not me now that I've got my carbon Bling machine.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Rash and a new Discovery

Well, our roads are just falling apart in Southern Ontario. I was going around a corner quickly which I've gone around a dozen times this summer... But there was a pot hole, and it popped my front wheel; and I got Road Rash. Nothing bad, fixed the flat and went home.

I went to my LBS to get a new tube and bar tape. Jeff "the mechanic" (he has no last name... LOL) told me about Tegaderm Hydrocolloid, I just got the Tegaderm film which is about a third of the price as the ones with Hydrocolloid. These are thin films which let the air and moister get out, keep out bacteria. I did get one with a pad for my shoulder which is still oozing. There is a pharmacy in town which sells fancy bandages by ones'. In Canada the one with Hydrocolliod in a 4" x 4 3/4" was about $7.00 (I did not see it at the store), the plain Jane was $1.60. My wounds are not that deep, I think the Hydrocolliod is for deeper, but not too deep. It was a bike shop guy who told me, and the pharmacist (I assume that's what he was) was not too knowledgeable on Road Rash and the Hydrocolloid pads. I Googled it and got a bit more info.

I now have a thin film on my butt and shoulder and they are flexible and are not curling on my undies or shirt. I'll keep you posted on how much quicker I heal (I have two scratches on my knee, one covered and one open).