Thursday, April 26, 2012

From City to City

It has been quite a while since my last post. When I was home I got in one ride then I was to Winnipeg for my Father-in-Law's funeral over Easter. After that I got the Flu or something that made me so sick I could hardly get out of bed never mind I had a full week of work, so no riding.

Back to Minneapolis where I stayed just north east of the U of M, in a house that was used by university students. around the corner I found a community school... and it IS all about ME! HA.

At the University there is some nice architecture and this building is quite cool looking, there are a lot of real nice buildings in Minneapolis.

Then I was off to Florida, land of the Sun, and I've gotten in a few rides, most with lots of cars and I'm the only Road bike on the road... Nerves of Steel. Tuesday I rode up to north end of Ft. Lauderdale and to the Everglade national park... well till I ran out of paved road, and back home by dark. Tonight... Well, once again nice temps (yes I'm showing off for my homies), and Rode to the beach... and saw how the poor 1% live.