Sunday, October 27, 2013

There and back again (that'd be Texas)

Many people think that the traveling around is fun and glorious. I want to say at the beginning I enjoy being "there" but the travel is not fun, but I make the most of it. The reason for that introduction is, I got to spend 24 hours traveling to Austin... my flight was delayed, and the Air Canada lounge makes it a bit more tolerable but you're still waiting fo
r 2 hours, after driving through traffic to get to airport and through the ticket counter. I ended up spending the night in Chicago, and left later in the afternoon. I spend my morning working on AutoCAD drawings, drinking the maids coffee supply down (she just smiled the fourth trip to get two packs of coffee), and I was able to phone my Brother and wish him a happy 50th.
The store in Round Rock is in great shape as far as the progress of the work, so the days work is "normal" and we just piled through on Thursday catching up with the contractors work, so the product was well lit. The afternoon was perfect and after a quick shower, one needs to go out and ride the Hills of Austin.

I've stuck to the same loop but have changed it every time, trying to avoid some of the 20% grade, you can't avoid an average grade of 13% on some sections but I'm not worried about speed at this time of year so "enjoy the ride".
The next day was once again work and getting just up the controntractor so the merchandise that is on new racking is well lit for the weekend, and then it's weekend for us, we get the weekend off as most know. Jared (the 20 year-old I'm working with) and I discovered this bar that has tone's of microbreweries on tap and long happy hour, which lets you try a couple over a period of time and not get loopy. They also have free WiFi, and Jared enjoyed talking to the Bar keeps as that is how he met Curtis (Robert's son), and started working for ALS.
When in Austin you have to eat out a couple of times, and if you head south of the Colorado river it's where all the cool kids hangout so expect to wait in line to get served, and Home Slice Pizza, is the BEST pizza in Austin, according to Yelp, Google and by the line up. We had to wait, but the evening was nice and just people watched. When it came it was delicious!
Saturday even though I'm out of town is still chore day and laundry had to be done, and bit of bike maintenance. With one car and two \people I had to arrange with Jared's schedule so I could get out and do the EpicTexas ride from epicPlanet training video. The day was around 18°C (64°F) and I had on an under shirt and my jersey, the cyclist we saw were wearing winter coats, tights and full fingered gloves. If I had packed my arm warmers I would have them on, I have over the years acclimated to the cold, fairly well... I still wear more than some of my Canadian friends but this was very nice weather. The day was cloudless and the sky was very blue (my phone is dying so the photo's are off in color). The loop went out to Johnson City, and there was an artsy gallery and a coffee shop with WiFi were I stopped and had a cappuccino, back home we don't do coffee rides, no one seems to want to stop during a ride so this was a bit of a novelty for me.  
The "cool" bar shot... All the cool kids do this now.
I emailed Jared at the Johnson City Café and he had his timing down perfect, he was standing in the parking lot waiting and he said for only 5 minutes.
Back to the house and shower and shave to get ready for the "main event" of the weekend we had planed this since our last trip, out to Dripping Springs for The Salt Lick BBQ, and it was an event. you have to drive a bit through some new development, and Austin is EXPLODING! Then you're on a dark road and come over the hill and there is the HUGE parking lot ligthing up the sky. You have to stand in line to get your pager, and remember this is a cool night and Texas like it warm so our 20 minutes in line was short for this place. You BYOB and sit out listening to live music, so the wait is not an issue.

The Lone Star was not mine... I had Shiner Bock

As you can see there is a huge crowd. They have winery next door, where you can purchase "Salt Lick Winery" wine. We talked to the guy drinking the Lone Star beer, who was friends with couple performing. Our buzzer went off and then the feast began... 
The warming pit...They were bring the meat from the back

service desk

pecan pie, the cobbler is what they are know for
We cleaned up two plates like this.

 When we went for left-over the following week, we both thought we had left some meat to eat... there was not much, that's about 2 pounds of meat each. After this we went back out and listened to the performers, and then helped them break down and be their roadies, and we got invited to a party. Jared and I were the only non musicians. Everyone else was in a band, Austin is the Music Capital of the world.
This made for quite the late night and we slept in on Sunday, which was another amazing day. I want to be outside on amazing day's but Austin's hills are hard and I need a days rest between rides. So I started looking for something to do outside. I found just up the road from us Bull Creek Park and Greenbelt, so out for an afternoon hike.

This was just great weather, tons of people out, and loads of dogs having great time in the crystal clear waters!
Monday night I drove down to Mellow Johnny's, and my phone would not take a photo there, but I've been there, then off to the bridge to try and see the bats again... It was great day until it came to bat time. The clouds rolled in and was quite dark, making it impossible to get a good photo of the bats. That's twice for me. One day maybe.
Tuesday was my last day in Austin and last day to pound those hills. It was great afternoon for riding cool but not too cool so I made my loop with one big hill in it that I got a PR on.
And I stopped a got a photo of Lake Austin, before my phone froze up... Stupid Phone!
Wednesday was moving/driving day to Houston. The Houston Store was more typical work, where they are moving along at a "normal pace", we arrived got set up and began the usual, getting drawings, locating our "stuff" and we managed to get started on lights. We then head to our condo, and a planed dinner with my Dad, but first I had to stop at the old house which Dad sold in June... nothing's left. HA!
We went out to eat more BBQ and I forgot to get a Family photo, afterwards I thought I had Thursday night... but dad had to go into the hospital and Jared and I were on our own. We both are about as full of Brisket as one can get, so it's time for Mexican and if you do Mexican in Houston you have to go to The Original Ninfa's "on Navigation"

Because it's only a couple of miles from the condo, we came back and I sat out on the balconies and enjoyed the views.

The next morning up early and to the airport where I flew home, then my family and I went to see Les MisĂ©rables, in Toronto. I have to say that Toronto is losing it's allure for me. Condo's and Traffic... and they're going to tear down the Princess of Whales Theatre and the Restaurant Row by the Theaters, so not much left to see or do there. I'm sure there are little nooks still left if your a local but why drive in traffic both ways (at midnight home), to watch a show? A bit disappointing, I used to enjoy going in to TO. 

And as always I'm home and the dogs expect their walks on Saturday which even though it rained all day it was a very nice evening!
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